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Hospital Accident Protection

As a Preferred plan member you are covered by our Hospital Accident Protection (HAP) Group Policy. Please download the HAP reference guide below and keep in a safe place with your other insurance documents.

From ER visits to in hospital care, our HAP insurance plan can help reimburse accident related medical expenses and help you recover without worry.

Preferred Benefits Amounts Include:

In-Hospital $200/Day Zero Day Elim Period, up to 365
day payout per confinement, up
to two confinements per year
Emergency Room of Hospital $100/Visit Zero Day Elim Period, one
ER visit per year


To obtain a claim form contact the Claim Administrator and reference policy number 9907-88-95. Complete all items on the required claim form, attach all appropriate documents, and mail or fax to: Broadspire, a Crawford company, PO Box 792190, San Antonio, TX 78279, PHONE NUMBER 855-830-3719, Fax Number 855-830-3728.

Underwritten by Federal Insurance Company a member insurer of Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. Sponsored by the American Tele-Care Foundation


Download HAP reference guide



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